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Omg okay I’m not really interesting though 

  1. I’m absolutely enamoured with the band Queen, they’re my whole life, when I’m not fighting for the cetaceans I’m rocking out to Queen.
  2. I’m obsessed with buying vinyl records and I have 75 right now.
  3. I’m seeing Queen+ Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga in July yay.
  4. My favourite movie is Highlander.
  5. My hair is super thick and fluffy.

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Love how my birthday post for Montserrat gets more notes than my post about how I feel about this fandom disrespecting Roger and John. Beautiful.

(still on hiatus, but..)

~* Happy 81st birthday to Montserrat!! *~

Long post. Not sorry.

Just consider me taking a few month long hiatus because I don’t intend on coming back for awhile. This community stresses me out, makes me angry and is far from the welcoming, warm community I thrust myself into when I came here.

Queen is my livelihood, they’re my entire life and they’re so important to me and I feel personally offended when people claim that Queen is just as important to them as they are to me and then they don’t appreciate Roger and John’s contributions. Or they’d rather read a fanfiction about Roger and Brian making out rather than reading about the things that they did together for the band. I wouldn’t have such a big problem with it if they didn’t act like they’re THAT important to them. If they’re so important to you, why do you treat them like characters in a television show? Why do you refuse to acknowledge the contributions of two of the band members? Like I’m a Pink Floyd fan but I don’t claim to love them with every fibre of my being because that’s not true, I like their music but I don’t need it to live. 

Freddie, Brian, Roger, and John are among the most talented musicians of their time, and among the most talented by today’s standards. I am so proud of everything they accomplished and I am so grateful that I have their music to inspire me and I really wish that other fans felt the same but I don’t see any of that. It’s so angering to me that fans would rather joke about Roger doing something stupid than praise him for his talent and listen to his solo albums. It’s really angering to me that nobody seems to recognise how talented John is, to the fans he’s just the cute, sassy guy who plays bass. Whatever. It’s so frustrating because talking about Queen, discussing their career makes me so happy, it makes me feel so energised to talk about it! But nobody wants to do that. I love Made In Heaven but I don’t dare open my mouth about that album or else I’m met with the sobs of other fans who refuse to listen to it. I feel so alienated in this community, the friends I originally made have somewhat moved on and branched out, which is totally okay but now I’m just left here to float on the Queen-obsessed boat alone. 

So yeah, I’ve sort of moved on. I’d rather be involved in a community where I don’t feel so alienated and alone in my opinions. I might seem like I’m being a little attention whore but it really fucking bothers me that I get all of these people claiming to be as enamoured with Queen as I am and then they turn around and blatantly disrespect all four of them with stupid little fandom jokes and crude fanfiction and no regard to their true talents.

(today is my 5th Queen anniversary. hooray for two of those years having barely any engaging Queen fans to talk to.)

I’m taking a leave from this blog. 

You can find me at my anti-cap blog if you really need me.

I don’t know when I’ll come back and I don’t care.

I dunno why I put my last post under a read more, it’s not like I have a horrible secret to keep

John is a really fucking good bass player and a really fucking good songwriter but nobody fucking cares about that, everyone just cares about how “sassy” he is and how cute he is like fuck off he’s such a good musician, his songs are really great and he wrote a lot of Queen’s hits but nobody cares.

Also Roger is an amazing drummer, singer and songwriter but nobody cares about that either, they’re too busy drooling over how hot he looks in drag. Roger’s solo career is really great, his albums are top notch but of course no one realises that. It’s more fun to make jokes about Roger and fantasise about him making out with Brian than to recognise his talent, right?!

Queen fans complain because the general public only seems to care about Freddie and Brian but most of you people do the same damn thing, you only take Brian and Freddie seriously.